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Fourth International Lazarite Symposium (April/May 2016)

The 4th International Hospitallers Congress, was held in Malta on a three day program between the 29th of April and the 1st of May 2016. More than 450 delegates from sixteen different jurisdictions attended the Congress. The Congress included a packed investiture service at the Church of St. Joseph in Rabat, Malta; a number of conferences focusing on the subject of inclusion initiatives and independent living operations for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and the disabled; unveiling of a permanent marker of the Congress in the town of M'Scala and an informative session on the emergency rescue and response setup the Order has in the island of Gozo.

The Grand Officers opening the first Conference of the 4th International Lazarite Congress held in Malta on the 29th of April 2016. The Supreme Grand Prior is flanked by the Grand Chancellor, the Grand Secretary and the Grand Registrar of the Order.

The first conference in session related to holistic inclusion of the disabled and disadvantaged within the various jurisdictions of the Order.

The second conference in session related to the empowerment for independent living initiatives for the disabled and the disadvantaged within the various jurisdictions of the Order. At the front row, one can note the Grand Prior of Germany, Chevalier Peter Neuen, the Chancellor of the Royal Household of His Majesty King Kigeli V of Rwanda, Grand Prior of Rwanda and His Royal Highness Dom Leopold Nisnoni, Rajah of Kupang and Grand Prior of Indonesia accompanied by his daughter, the HRH Princess Donna Nisnoni.

The Grand Chancellor addressing the conference

Some of the speakers during the conference including (top row from left), the Grand Prior of Germany, Chevalier Peter Neuen, the Chancellor of the United States, Chevalier Christopher Chambers, the Aide de Camp of the Grand Chancellor, Chevalier Stefan Andras, Consoeur Marthese Mugliette, President of the Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability, the Lieutenant General of the Autonomous Priories of the Order of Malta, Chevalier George Popper, Conseour Renata Mellar, President of the Hungarian National Federation of the Blind and the Visibly Impaired, the Grand Prior of Slovakia, Chevalier Robert Bodor and the Director of the Emergency Responce and Rescue Corps, the Chevalier Etienne Micallef from the Grand Priory of Gozo.
The last photo in this batch is of the Supreme Grand Prior, H.E. Richard Comyns of Ludston GCLJ GCMLJ, accepting the changes in the constitution of the Order and also accepting the unanimous appointment of the delegates to head the Order for a further five years.

The Supreme Grand Prior of the Order leading the delegates for another session of the International Lazarite Congress being welcomed to the town by the Mayor of M'Scala, the Chevalier Mario Calleja


The M'Scala session of the Congress

Permanently marking the International Lazarite Congress by means of a monument in front of a traditional Maltese Girna


At the end of the M'Scala session of the Congress, the Supreme Grand Prior, assisted by the Mayor of M'Scala and the Grand Prior of Indonesia and the Chancellor of Rwanda, planted commemorative trees in the garden area next to the commemorative plaque.

A number of sessions of the International Lazarite Congress was also held on the sister isle of Gozo, where officers from the various Grand Priories reviewed the volunteers of the Grand Priory of Gozo enrolled within the Emergency Rescue and Recovery Corps.

The Gozo session of the Congress was opened by the Grand Chaplain General and focused on the need of rapid intervention when solicited for first aid and rescue operations within the jurisdictions of the Order.

The signing of the Memorandum of understanding between the Saint Lazarus Foundation and the ERRC and the permanent plaque recognising this agreement.

Courtesy visit to H.E. The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

The biggest ever investiture service held in the church of St. Joseph in Rabat, Malta. 450 officers and members of the Order swamped the church and video monitors had to be installed for the benefit of a number of the congregation to participate in the ceremony. This investiture service during the Congress was second only to the investiture service held at the Sacra Infermeria in 2012 where 850 officers and members congregated in the first International Lazarite Congress.



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