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Delegation of the Grand Priory to Hungary

A delegation of the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean, led by the Deputy Marshal, Confrere Robert Farrugia CLJ, and including Confrere Joseph Borda CLJ, who was entrusted with the setting up of the Grand Priory of Hungary for the Order which is scheduled for next year.

During the delegation, a number of meetings were held between the officers of the Grand Priory and the Hungarian team responsible for the new Grand Priory. The Deputy Marshal personally handed over a number of Certificates to the active team of members based in Budapest and a number of logistical problems and challenges were discussed and sorted in order to create a smooth base for the consecration of the new Grand Priory.

In December 2009, a further delegation, this time to be led by the Grand Chancellor accompanied by the Secretary General of the Grand Priory, will be visiting Budapest again in order to sort out the remaining scenarios enabling the Hungarian Grand Priory to be consecrated as planned during 2010.


The Malta delegation, led by Confrere Robert Farrugia CLJ and Confrere Joe Borda CLJ, in Hungary

The Marshal of the Grand Priory presenting the documents related to the establishment of the Grand Priory of Hungary


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